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Matthiason Sweet Vermouth

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Matthiason vermouth is primarily about the wine, 100% Flora, a variety bred at UC Davis, a cross between Semillon and Gewurtztraminer. Batch number three is a non-vintage blend of the 2015 and 2016 vintages. Each year the fruit was picked very late, with some botrytis and raisins at harvest. Besides the natural high sugar, the must was sweetened further by chaptalizing with organic cane sugar, and fermented whole cluster in open-top fermenters. The wine was allowed to slowly oxydize and develop wonderful nutty and dried fruit flavors. To complement the natural grape aromas of the Flora, Matthiason made infusions with their own home-grown blood oranges and sour cherries, along with coriander seed. The bittering was mainly done by adding an infusion of home-grown cardoons, as well as cinchona bark, wormwood, and blessed thistle.

Matthiason Sweet Vermouth No. 3 makes a great boulevardier, blood and sand, negroni, manhattan, or even better, can be served neat as an aperitif or to accompany dessert.