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Montanya Oro Gold Rum

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Aged for one year in an American White Oak barrel that previously held Laws Colorado Whiskey. Because the barrel is wet and fresh from the whiskey, the Oro is more full-bodied and picks up more flavor from the oak than Montanya's Platino. This rum is never carbon filtered, so the natural color of the barrel remains, along with a slight bit of color from the tiniest touch of local honey (the honey’s acidity brings out the natural flavors of the rum and the barrel). Unlike many dark aged rums, the Oro never receives added sugar, molasses caramel or artificial colorings/flavorings. Flavors prominent in the Oro include red chili, coffee, caramel, vanilla, pineapple, and chocolate.

The nose offers a very buttery, creamy profile, with toffee, popcorn and nuttiness, along with lighter touches of hay and grass. The palate showcases a lighter strain of those buttery-creamy notes, to go with honey, earthy and mineral flavors, and sugarcane. Finishes on roasted and molasses flavors.