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Montanya Platino White Rum

Unlike many light rums, barrel aging gives the Platino a unique smoothness and complex flavors. Platino is aged for one year (and often longer) in American White Oak barrels that previously held Laws Colorado Whiskey and Montanya Oro. At bottling time, the tiniest touch of Colorado honey brings out the rum’s natural flavors, while a coconut husk carbon filter removes color. Free of the cloying sweetness of added sugar and flavorings.

The nose bursts out at you with butterscotch, pineapple and other tropical fruits. There's a distinct nuttiness, almost peanut butter lurking in the background. The palate is soft and offers funkier flavors, with earthy, mineral and grass notes, along with lighter hints of toffee, cream soda, cardamom, coffee, molasses, vanilla, and marzapan.