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Musgrave Signature 11 Botanical Gin

Musgrave original crafted Gin has 11 botanicals born out of the flavors and history of Africa and its ancient spice route. The top notes of aromatic cardamom, African ginger (whitei mondei) and grains of paradise are reminiscent of the perfume of spice markets. Whitei Mondei is a truly magical African herb. The roots are aromatic and taste like ginger or licorice with an aroma of vanilla. Mondei has for a long time been extensively and widely used in traditional medicine as an antacid and as a boosting tonic. Grains of Paradise, native to Africa, has an aroma that is woody and forest-like, with an inviting, peppery warmth. The woody character gives way to cloves, cinnamon and a faint hint of cardamom and leaves you with a gentle flame.