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Shop Our Store Picks!

Not Another Grain Vodka

This fruit basket of vodkas are crafted by tiny producers ready to reinvigorate a category sorely lacking in excitement. Distilled from clementines, apples, and coffee fruit - the flavor, texture, and aromas of these vodkas beautifully showcase the essence of their distillates. All three silky sippers will expand your concept of vodka, in many ways reading more like a fine eau de vie than an interchangeable pour. Wheat, rye, and barley vodkas produced on a massive scale -  you've had one you've had them all, with a profile engineered to be as neutral and indistinct as possible. These vodkas aren't flavored, yet they are full of character and flavor.

Set includes: Vapid Vodka (750 ml), Clear Creek Vodka (750 ml), Good Vodka (750 ml)