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Ocho Single Estate 2021 Plata Puntas Overproof Tequila

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Agave plants are naturally found in the southwestern United States, Central America, and Mexico. When slowly roasted agave takes on a sweet and mild flavor, with the juice of plant used to make tequila and mezcal. After 6 to 12 years blue agave plants are considered mature and ready to be harvested. After all that time rooted in the earth, formed by their distinct position from the sun and the moisture that graces their environment, each plant is a reflection of its unique terroir.

Carlos Camarena is a farmer and tequilero who teamed up with Tomas Estes to create Tequila Ocho. Inspired by the process and heritage surrounding terroir in fine wine, Camarena and Estes worked to make a tequila brand that would represent the purest expression of Blue Weber Agave, crafting the first single estate tequila that included the year it was produced and the precise field from which the agaves were sourced.

Puntas is the first overproof bottling from Ocho, planned as a limited edition yearly release. The agaves used for this inaugural bottling were harvested from the Camarena family’s rancho La Ladera in the summer of 2021. The puntas, or “distiller’s cut” has long been considered the most coveted part of the distillate. This narrow selection is from the very end of the “heads” and the very beginning of the “heart” in the distillation process, making it quite flavorful and precious. Traditionally collected by the producer and reserved for enjoyment with friends and family on special occasions. While tequila in the US is commonly bottled at 40% abv, it's exciting to see producers respond to the appetite for the ultimate, unadulterated expression of a spirit with these higher proof editions, bottled at or near the strength they were distilled to.

Tequila Ocho Puntas comes off the still at roughly 128 proof, then brought to 101 proof using deep well-extracted water. It’s at this high proof that drinkers will discover the highest concentration of agave flavors, while still experiencing a spirit that is extremely enjoyable to sip and savor neat.