Old Fortunate Single Barrel 25 Year Cask Strength American Whiskey

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Old Fortunate Single Barrel 25 Year Cask Strength American Whiskey

Fortunate favors the bold, and in this case, the old. When 25 Year American Whiskey came knocking, we opened the door, and said, "Barrels! We'll take these four." This whiskey is made from 97% corn, 3% barley, and aged to perfection in used American oak. Call it what you will: lucky, fortunate, blessed, charmed. Either way we feel it, which is why we're thrilled to pay it forward with this spirit.

Distilled in Indiana in 1992, this Single Barrel release was bottled at full Cask Strength straight from the barrel, minimally filtered in an effort to present the purest experience of 25 Year American Light Whiskey possible, in all of its 62.7% ABV glory. In total, only 72 fortunate imbibers will be able to add a bottle to their collection. Disregarding the name, hefty aromas present themselves immediately, deep toffee notes and caramelized sugars infused with a touch of oak. The body is no slouch either, throwing its weight around with such finesse you're hard-pressed to reconcile that you're sipping on 125.4 Proof or a whiskey described as "light". The oak is a touch more present than its Small Batch sibling, primarily found through the barrel char notes left behind. A rich chocolate note layers into that subtle smokiness, calling up late night desserts enjoyed next to a smoldering campfire.

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