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OSCO Halfshell Oyster Gin

3 reviews
Made in cooperation with Hog Island Oyster Co, who provide the distillery with sweetwater oysters from Tomales Bay, which the distillers crush before throwing them into the still - shells and meat included. The base is a grape spirit redistilled with the botanicals; some in the pot with the alcohol and more delicate flavors in the basket in the steam vapor. To round it out, they add foraged nori and kombu from Sully Farms. Additional botanicals include fresh celery root, tarragon, fresh and dried lemon peel, and chicory.

The gin has a "Coastal funk" on the nose from the nori and kombu, while the oyster qualities including shell minerality and unctuous/creamy texture come in on the palate. The finish brings the juniper, tarragon, and lemon. While the oyster doesn't jump out of the bottle, when mixed into a cocktail or with tonic that element is amplified.