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Paddy's Old Irish Whiskey


The whiskey that became Paddy's Old Irish has been made by the Cork Distilleries Company since 1779. In the late nineteenth century, their roaming salesman Patrick "Paddy" O’Flaherty made it famous throughout Ireland, selling it from pub to pub. As both the whiskey and Paddy's reputation grew among devoted drinkers, people began to ask for "Paddy's whiskey". Cork Distillers, knowing a good thing when they see it, eventually renamed the whiskey to honor their beloved salesman in 1912, and it has been a staple of pub life ever since. 

The whiskey is light, yet rich and malty. The nose shows a distinct honey nut grain character, with gentle citrus aromas in the background. The palate is gentle and opens with toffee, vanilla, toasty malted barley, a hint of pear, and a wisp of drying oak. Bottled at 40% abv.