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Palenqueros Alberto Ortiz Espadin Madrecuishe Mezcal

With their Single Palenque project, Velier inaugurates a new project in the world of mezcal: placing the farmers, gatherers, and distillers of Maguey Oaxaqueño as protagonists on the bottle. The seven Maestros Palenqueros come from multi-generation distilling traditions, and all produce in line with Velier's mezcal protocol. That protocol stipulates that in the case of cultivated agaves, no chemicals are used, and all cooking is done in conical stone or earth ovens. In addition, all agave must be crushed with a traditional tahona animal-powered mill, or with a wooden hammer, be distilled in copper or clay stills heated with direct wood fire, and be bottled at still strength.

This batch had a total run of 1462 bottle, made from espadin and madrecuishe cooked together in an oven pit, with maguey smashed by hand with wooden mallets in a stone canoe. Fermented in wooden pine vats with natural yeast for five days, double distilled in a copper still to 53% ABV.