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Peach Street Oak Aged Peach Brandy

The peaches used in this brandy are only a “2-minute forklift ride” away from Peach Street Distillers in Palisade, Colorado. These freshly-picked peaches are fermented in open air and distilled only once before double-aging: first in French oak barrels for 6 to 12 months and then into decades-old retired Cognac barrels for an additional 12 to 24 months of finishing. About 26 pounds of peaches go into each bottle of Peach Street Peach Brandy.

The brandy has a nose of honey, lemongrass, and stewed stone fruit. Initially, the flavors are honey-sweet before it evolves into a nutmeg-cooked peach flavor. With a dash of water, the nose opens up into a more floral tone with the palate expanding to honeysuckle, clove, and butterscotch. Smooth and lingering finish.