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PM Spirits XO Grande Champagne Cask Strength Cognac

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This Cognac is an experiment of sorts. The cask was acquired by Nicolas Palazzi a decade ago from an unnamed estate, and while the juice had potential, he felt it could be improved. Thus began a ten year project between Palazzi and Jean-Noel Pelletan, one of a small number of master coopers in France, known for his encyclopedic knowledge of all things Cognac and and casks as well as his huge collection of pre-20th century books detailing techniques used in old school, traditional Cognac production and cask management. Everything done at Pelletan's cooperage and cellar is done by hand – there is no electricity and bottling is done by gravity, often taking months for just a few casks. Palazzi and Pelletan referenced the aforementioned pre-20th century texts, seeking out and experimenting with old techniques to bring out the full potential of this cask.

Though many of the specifics of the brandy are left to speculation, what we can say is that it was aged in French limousin oak for 25 years, and bottled at a cask strength of 42.6% abv without any additives of any kind.