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Shop Our Store Picks!

Priqly Pear Liqueur

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Wild Prickly Pears have been a staple fruit in the Mediterranean basin for hundreds of years. Malta’s warm climate which is in part created by the prevalent Saharan Scirocco winds, provides an ideal environment in which they thrive. This fruitful flora can be seen all over this island.

The limited production Prickly Pear liqueur referred to as Bajtra on Malta was discovered from a local family recipe. Its alluring flavor and aroma were then further developed over the past few years. Today Priqly is one of the most unique and versatile luxury liqueurs you can find. It is aromatic, complex, rich, and delicious. Fruity, but decidedly not too sweet. It has a long and cleansing finish that will surprise and delight you. It stands alone in a snifter, a shot-glass, over ice in a tumbler, or, it makes a beautiful Summer Spritzer.