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Privateer 2017 New England Habitation Velier Rum

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Privateer has been distilling rum in the old New England tradition since 2011, and has in the last few years become one of the most talked about and sought after American rum producers. They are also the first American rum distillery to be featured by the Habitation Velier series, which is certainly a special distinction in the rum world. Though they have put out rums in a variety of styles, this bottling is the product of double distillation, first in a Vendome pot still and then in a batch still (a kind of combination pot/column still) sourced from CARL in Germany and aged in New American oak. It is a blend of 3 casks distilled in 2016 and 5 casks from 2017, bottled without additives of any kind at a cask strength of 55.6% abv. 

On the nose there are chocolate raisins, peaches, and a wonderful oaky fullness from the aging in new oak. The palate greets you with a big bear hug of young oak, molasses, and dark chocolate. After the initial punch, some of that sweet stone fruit comes through along with a wisp of smoke leading into a drying but pleasant, oak driven finish.