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Shop Our Store Picks!

Rhine Hall Coffee Liqueur

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First released in 2019 in collaboration with Alinea, a Michelin 3 star restaurant in Chicago. The Rhine Hall and Alinea team set out to create a rich and flavorful spirit to be sipped neat or incorporated with coffee after a decadent meal. Each piece of the final liqueur was selected through meetings, tastings, and test batches. Getting to know each individual component led to making this distinctive, full bodied, coffee spirit.

The base of this liqueur is a Rhine Hall fruit brandy that has been rested in a barrel. The spirit is made in line with all Rhine Hall spirits, which are simply distilled from whole fruit. After distillation the spirit is rested at barrel strength in new American oak barrels, with a heavy char, from Kentucky.

The coffee beans selected come from rotating local roasters, and are coarsely ground to make a unique house brew. The finished coffee is similar to a rich and dense cold brew concentrate. To finish the liqueur, demerara sugar is infused with whole vanilla beans and slowly incorporated into the brandy and coffee concentrate. Bottled at 32% abv.