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Shop Our Store Picks!

Sidetrack BETE Beet Spirit

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Pronunciation: bet. Norwegian translation: beet. French translation: beast. Sidetrack Distillery translation: a spirit distilled from beets. Born from experiments distilling sugar beets, which the distillery planted on their farm in Kent, WA. While they thought the spirit would be neutral enough to act as a base for fruit liqueurs, it had far too much character. “We couldn’t use it as intended—but we loved it,” says Linda Person.

A truly earthly spirit with the aroma and taste of roasted root vegetables. Smooth and savory, the unique vegetal taste opens up a range of drink options. Try it alone first, then over ice, then mixed with your favorite bitters, and then start subbing it for gin in your top cocktails. It plays beautifully with lime, lemon, and other citrus, as well as vegetables like celery.