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Silvio Carta Di Sardegna Rosso Vermouth

The Carta family has been making (and storing) wine in the sleepy coastal town of Oristano for generations. The style is oxidative, falling somewhere amid the mineral tones of Fino and the nuttiness of Marsala, and remains relatively unknown outside their home. The red vermouth is a blend of aged Vernaccia di Oristano Riserva, infused with a blend of local Sardinian herbs that the producer forages. They include salvia desoleana, myrtle, thyme, lentisk, helichrysum, and artemisia.
Aged in 800-liter chestnut barrels filled about two-thirds of the way, to allow flor to develop. 18% ABV.

The nose expresses multiple aromas of Mediterranean scrub, rosemary, laurel, pine needles, resins, and pine nuts, against a background of slight sea puffs. Flavor is intense, soft and round, rich herbs and ripe fruit, a decisive and clean finish that carries a long mineral trail behind it.