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Spirit Works Navy Strength Gin

Centuries ago, it is said that the British Royal Navy would store their gin and their gunpowder below deck, next to one another. If the gin spilled onto the gunpowder and the gunpowder would still ignite, the gin was said to be the proper 114 proof. The gunpowder test was also a means of levying taxes on spirits in 16th century England; if the gunpowder burned, the spirit was taxed at a higher rate. 
Spirit Works Distillery co-founders, husband and wife team Timo and Ashby Marshall, met as sailors working on environmental research vessels, traveling all over the world together. Many sailors can tell you the historical significance of Navy Strength Gin. It was once believed to alleviate a number of seafaring ailments when mixed with tonic or consumed in the now classic Gimlet. The "proof" of the spirit was often determined by igniting a mixture of gunpowder and gin. At the traditional 114 proof, Spirit Works Distillery Navy Strength Gin is a bright and refreshing expression of the selected botanicals with natural sweetness from their signature Red Winter Wheat base. Each botanical comes through in an elevated manner with warm citrus, juniper, and spice.
Ahoy, gin enthusiasts!