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St Augustine Florida Straight Bourbon


Unlike many craft distilleries, who start out sourcing their whiskey from larger producers, St. Augustine distillery makes every drop of bourbon that they bottle. They do not purchase and re-barrel or bottle other companies bourbon. What you get is a hand-made Florida interpretation of America’s spirit. The Florida Straight bourbon is made from a mash bill of 60% Florida corn, 22% barley, and 18% Florida wheat. They grind the grains on-site, mash and ferment onsite, and distill the spirit in a traditional pot still. The 53 gallon new white oak barrels have been toasted and charred to custom specifications. After aging a minimum of three years, barrels are selected and married in small batches of 16 – 40 barrels, taking into account each barrel’s location and height in the warehouse. This ensures a consistent flavor profile. They do not chill filter, which keeps the mouth feel of a traditional pot distillation, heightening the enjoyment of your drinking experience. 

The nose is deep and warm with notes of toffee, cinnamon marshmallow, leather, stone fruit, and vanilla and dark cocoa. The palate is full bodied, deep and complex. Hints of tobacco, caramel, brazil nut, chocolate and baking spices. The finish is sweet, smooth and creamy. Bottled at 44% abv.