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Vago Barril en Barro Tio Rey Mezcal

This very small 50 case batch is being released exclusively in California. It is 100% Barril en Barro from Tío Rey. Produced in the fall of 2019, this new expression was produced from what we typically would recognize as cultivated Madre Cuixe (one of several varieties of the Agave Karwinskii family.) One reason that Madrecuixe is so named is that they often grow as solitary plants surrounded by several Cuixe, as though they are protecting, or a “mother” (madre) plant.

This batch consisted of 40 piñas, weighing 1,814 kg. They were harvested on October 5th, 2019, from the area surrounding Tío Rey’s palenque in Gulerá, Sola de Vega. They were roasted underground for four days before being milled by hand. After milling, the tepache fermented for 7 days before being distilled in 45-liter clay pot stills. The first distillation yielded 430 liters of xixe at 22% ABV, with second distillation yielding 245 liters of mezcal at 47.9% ABV. This whole process is laborious and takes around 4 times the effort of a copper still and stone tahona method.

Sweet dark fruit aromas: cherries, overripe mango, and fresh dates. Flavors of wet soil, dried stone fruit, salt, aged cheese, molasses, honey, wet foliage, grilled pineapple, caramel, white flowers, mint, caramelized banana, and dried hay.