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Vago Cuixe Aquilino Mezcal

Cuixe agaves take up to fifteen years to mature, at which point the plant has developed a tree-trunk like stalk that can reach ten feet in height. This bottling is the only variety Aquilino makes from wild agaves; the rest are made from plants farmed by Aquilino himself or one of his neighbors. The maguey cuishe is a thin varietal that has very slender pinas and floral aroma that shines in the Mezcal. Vago Mezcals are generally a reason to rejoice and this is no exception.

Mezcal Vago Cuixe from Aquilino Garcia Lopez has a roasted banana and acetone aroma. Nosing this brings to mind a few peated scotches, but one sip leaves no doubt you are tasting an agave spirit. The palate is woodsy, vibrant and complex, full of mineral and pine needle, the alcohol well-integrated, and the finish long, flavorful, dry and smoky. Bottled at 51.7% abv.