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Waterford Single Farm "Dunmore Ed 1.1" Irish Single Malt Whisky


At the top of John Tynan’s barley fields, within a striking circular copse of trees, is the early medieval fort that lends the townland its name - An Dún Mór, the big fort - a reminder of turbulent times of lore. Nestled between the Slieve Bloom Mountains & the Castlecomer Plateau of County Laois is this westerly-facing, lowland terroir, of limestone-derived loamy drift that harbours a compact gravelly tilth. All the barley used for this release comes from this storied and expressive terroir. 

On the nose there are malty notes, raisins, orange chocolate, black peppercorns, citrus fruits, red currants; like eating a light cinnamon porridge, while sitting in a worn leather chair. The palate is a bit of a spice rack bomb, along with green apple, marzipan, lemon sherbet, liquorice, grapefruit, dark chocolate, and popping candy. The finish revisits the spice with warm clove that tingles on your tongue and then becomes mouth-watering. Bottled at 50% abv.