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Widow Jane Lucky 13 B&B Private Barrel Bourbon

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Widow Jane's private barrel program, formerly available as a 12-year expression, has been one of our most anticipated single barrel selections of the year, each year. The new Lucky Thirteen is their, you guessed it, 13-year extension of the private barrel program. This smaller handful of barrels, all originally sourced from Indiana's MGP, were handpicked by Widow Jane head distiller Lisa Wicker, and hail from different parts of the rickhouse, showcasing different characteristics and deviations in flavor profile and strength. They are then reduced with limestone mineral water from the Widow Jane mine in Rosendale, NY to varying proofs (between 45.5-49.5% abv), depending on the profile of the barrel.

On the nose, the barrel we selected shows an initial wave of candy shop sweets, cake frosting, baking spice, and ripe sweet cherries, followed by a woody reminder that this has been in new oak for a full 13 years. On the palate, that toasted oak dominates at first, along with black tea, clove, cinnamon, baking chocolate, roasted corn, coffee bean, and dark cherry. The finish lingers for a good 2-3 minutes with roasty notes, dry oak, and eventually a toffee-like sweetness enters to cut the wood party. Dark, lovely, and balanced. Bottled at 47.5% abv.