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Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Wheated Bottled in Bond Bourbon

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Wilderness Trail's high in small grain bourbon is offered as a single barrel and bottled in bond. The single barrel selection offers nuances only premium cooper select barrels can create from their toasting and using 18-month-old air-dried staves. The bottled in bond gives you assurance the bourbon was properly distilled, it is aged between 5-6 years, and bottled at 100 proof. The mash bill is 64 percent corn, 24 percent wheat and 12 percent malted barley, one of the highest ratios of wheat used in a Kentucky-made bourbon. The distillate is barreled in a #4 char barrel at 110 proof after coming off the still around 137 proof. The bourbon is aged in two -story Rickhouse A, moving floors each year of maturation.

There’s some sweet grain in the nose, then savory and buttery with salted caramel and cinnamon rolls. The palate is thick and oily with buttered popcorn, more chewy caramel, and a bit of polished wood. Flavors are nicely balanced and complemented by just the right amount of smoldering, back-of-the-throat heat. The finish is medium-long with a touch of wintergreen and cherry candy.