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Woodinville B&B Private Select #3281 Bourbon

4 reviews
Out of all our private barrels, Woodinville has had the largest swath of customers inquiring when a new selection will be available again. We're happy to say that moment has finally arrived with barrel #3281! This 119.62 proof pot still bourbon is full-bodied and spectacularly rich, with warm sweet notes and a long robust finish. Toasted oats, buttery club crackers, and a hint of cherry and spice waft from the bottle. The palate is magnificently creamy, vacillating between custard and flan, with drizzles of caramel and a touch of cocoa. On the long finish, herbal tobacco notes and wood spice push back against the rich dessert flavors, before relenting to warm salted toffee.

A mastery of flavor has become a reliable mark of Woodinville’s careful process.  The high-rye mash bill of 72% corn, 22% rye, and 6% malted barley is crafted from corn and rye grown on one non-GMO family farm. The grain is milled to a fine flour, mashed at specific temperatures for each type of grain, then fermented in the open air for 4 days. The ester rich result marries perfectly with the single-batch pot still distillation that follows. The pot still distillate runs directly into a small column still where precise cuts are made for a final result of a 140 proof, hearts-only spirit. The distillate is barreled at a low 110 proof, which softens harsh notes while drawing fuller flavors out of the wood. The five-year-aging takes place back at the same family farm, where large temperature fluctuations maximize the barrel extraction and oxidation, while the dry air pushes the Angels’ Share to 30%.