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Woodinville "B&B Private Select" Barrel #5609 Bourbon

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Woodinville continues to hold an incredibly unique spot in our whiskey collection – as beloved by enthusiasts as it is by casual whiskey fans. And the lushness of their bourbon is so perfectly suited for high proof enjoyment, this is even more true for their cask strength private barrel bottlings. Unfortunately, we’re not the only one who have fallen head over heels for their whiskey, and their barrel program has gone into “allocation” mode as a result. As early adopters and strong supporters we will continue to have barrels coming our way – heads up that they may be a bit more spaced out then we’d like. Luckily this one has arrived as we’re entering the heart of the holiday season, a perfect bottle to enjoy and share!

Founded in 2010, all of Woodinville’s ingredient sourcing, distilling, and barreling takes place in Washington state for a true grain-to-glass whiskey. Their signature style centers the full-bodied richness of a pot still bourbon, with warm sweet notes, robust oak, and spicy kernels. The mash bill is made up of 72% corn, 22% rye and 6% malted barley, with all corn and rye produced on the non-GMO Omlin Family Farm in Quincy, Washington. After being milled, each grain is mashed at its own specific and ideal temperature, before a day open air fermentation. The resulting ester rich wort is put through a single-batch pot still distillation, which runs directly into a small column still where precise cuts are made for a 140 proof, hearts-only spirit. The distillate is barreled at 110 proof, a lower barrel entry proof than is standard, but a choice that eliminates harsher notes and draws fuller flavors out of the wood. The aging takes place back at the Omlin Family Farm, where large temperature fluctuations maximize the barrel extraction and oxidation, and pushes the Angels’ Share to 30%.

Our new barrel, #5609, has been bottled at a lovely 116.96 proof. On the nose, ripe dark berries, chocolate and orange zest, grape, and leather. An oily rich sweetness on the palate meets loads of dark fruit and leather, giving the bourbon a port-like profile (and although they do bottle an excellent port-finished expression, this was aged entirely in new American oak.) The finish is long and decadently sweet, with loads of bright butterscotch.