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Workhorse RedHorse Port Cask Whiskey

Redhorse Whiskey is made entirely in California from 70% west coast rye, 20% malted barley, and 10% malted wheat. Bottled at 60% ABV.

An articulate and elegant whiskey made from scratch for those who care about what they drink and about supporting quality agriculture. Rye is the predominant grain; buoyed by Workhorse's lust and love for this plant and what it contributes to the world. To round out rye's inherent spicy and rowdy profile, a dash of sweet, yet savory malted barley and wheat. While this recipe is entirely unique in modern era, it's precisely fitting since these three grains commingled and coevolved together, thousands of years ago all over the Eastern Hemisphere. The farmers who grow their grain use the same practices they did years ago too: minimalism. This nuanced augmentation in mash bill speaks even louder and more colorfully as the barrels earn years. Unliked the vast majority of whiskeys made in the USA, Redhorse does not get blasted by charred new American oak. Instead they fill freshly used European oak barrels from their favorite wineries to conjure a bright, layered, and analog character. Pour this high proof whiskey into a wine or spirit glass for best organoleptic overload and don't be afraid to loosen it up with a splash of water; this is a flavor seance of the highest order.