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Workhorse Rye LeBaron Virgin Cask Rye Whiskey

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Since 2011 Workhorse has been making and aging progressive whiskies from scratch for those who care about supporting quality agriculture. Virgin Cask is their first slow dance with new heavily toasted oak casks. Aged in 25G Kelvin Cooperage casks, and finished in glass. Extra bright and clean distillation 71-74% ABV. These new oak aged whiskies will be released on rare occasions as Workhorse's focus remains on grain, water and distillation-focused whiskey.

The LeBaron was an ultra-heart distillation, a pure diamond cut that brings out super brighter menthol rye spice, clean grain notes, tart citrus and lemon. To preserve these delicate notes and higher tones the whiskey was aged in 14 gallon demijohns with 2 gallons of headspace.

70% West Coast Rye from Grass Valley CA, 20% Malted Barley, 10% Malted Wheat. San Joaquin River water. 50% ABV.