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Worthy Park 2009 Jamaica Habitation Velier Rum

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Habitation Velier is a series that celebrates the Pot Still, and uncut rums that flow forth, both aged and unaged. This Worthy Park 2009 is the third release in the series of well aged WPL (Worthy Park Light) rum, with an ester count between 60-119 g/hlAA. Distilled in the Estate's  fifth year of renewed operation, this fourth and final 2020 Habitation Velier US release was aged tropically for 11 years and bottled at a barrel proof of 58.5% abv. 

On the nose, you'll find bananas foster, green and black olive brine, black peppercorns, pancake batter, cake frosting, cherry cola, toasted rye bread, burning sage, and burnt molasses. There's a lot going on. On the palate: bubblegum, cola, dark molasses, burnt banana bread, chimney smoke, mint chocolate, and a long finish of tingly black pepper. The whole experience is a kind of balancing act between sweet and savory, and in the end they both either win or lose, depending on your view on Worthy Park rums in general.