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Wray & Ting Revisited

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Jamaica's beloved national highball, the Wray and Ting, is a slyly potent combination of overproof white rum (traditionally Wray and Nephew overproof, by far the most consumed rum in Jamaica) and grapefruit soda (traditionally Ting, a Jamaican brand). In Jamaica it is ubiquitous, and one could hardly say they've visited the island if they didnt have at least one, preferably at one of the countless roadside rum bars slinging them like there's no tomorrow. Our spin on this beloved highball uses Worthy Park's fruitier and funkier Rum Bar White Overproof rum in place of Wray and Nephew, and Q's fabulously tart and intensely flavored grapefruit soda in place of the mellower Ting for an all around more sensuous highball. 

Kit Includes:

Rum-Bar Overproof (750 ml)
Q Spectacular Grapefruit Soda (4-Pack)