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Wright & Brown Private Barrel Rum Set

After loads of sampling from barrels of remarkable Wright & Brown rum, we selected and bottled Barrel #27 in two releases. This "Halloween Barrel" was made from once-distilled rum, distilled to barrel proof for a richer and more pure version of the distillate to be aged. Made on a modified pot still from Vendome Copper and Brassworks in Louisville, using a long, slow, single-run which lends aromas and flavors that are more intense, heavier, richer. With single run comes deeper cuts, and more oils, esters and acids in the rum. The molasses is carefully selected for flavors, non-GMO, Grade A blackstrap molasses from Georgia.

Barrel 27 was distilled on Halloween day, 2015, to around 114 proof, aged in a 225 liter recooped Limousin Oak barrel with a very light char. Half the barrel was drained and a small amount of filtered water was added and allowed to marry in barrel to bring it down to a bottling proof of 99 for Release 1. Big and funky, with intense molasses and smoky barrel char flavor.

After half of Barrel 27 was bottled for Release 1, the remaining rum was aged an additional 6 months in two American Oak quarter casks that had previously held California brandy. Tasting of vanilla, root beer, matches, toffee, baked figs, banana, brown sugar, and funk. Release #2 is definitely more mellow then #1, it’s also more fruity, with a stronger brown sugar note through out.