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Black Tot Finest Caribbean Rum

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This is the third “Black Tot Rum” in the series of rums released by Elixir Distillers. It is also the most accessible of those rums, and expected to be in regular circulation. Bottled at 46.2% ABV, it is a blend of Caribbean rum from Guyana, Barbados and Jamaica.

40%: Guyana, aged 3-5 years, Pot and Column blend
20%: Guyana, unaged Pot and Column blend
35%: Barbados, aged 5 years Pot and Column blend
5% Jamaica, aged 3 years Pot still only

This “Navy Style” rum is sourced entirely from historical British colonies. Nosing immediately puts you in mind of rums such as Woods 100 Navy Rum. Big, punchy treacly molasses notes burst out of the glass, with sweet brown sugar. The rum initially screams demerara, dark chocolate, and some coffee aroma. There is a very slight Jamaican note of burnt banana and fermented pineapple at the very back of the nose.

Sips even better! It’s not delicate or refined, but it is full of flavor. The initial sip is bitter with molasses and a real array of spices – lots of oak and ginger, with a touch of cinnamon and anise. The mid palate is more delicate with toffee/caramel notes and some fruity flavors of raisin and sultana. Christmas Cake-ish in places. Lots of zesty citrus – lemon peel and marmalade.