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Caorunn Gin

3 reviews

Pronounced "ka-roon," Caorunn is the Gaelic word for rowan berry, which is one of the 11 botanicals in this Scottish gin. Other unique local ingredients include bog myrtle, dandelion, heather, and Coul Blush apple. These five distinctly Scottish ingredients are represented in the five-sided bottle and the five-pointed asterisk. Alongside traditional gin botanicals, they all come together in a balanced, classic London dry style. 

The nose begins with floral notes, ripening into juniper. In the mouth, a lovely soft texture offers up crisp flavors with a background hint of heather. There's a subtle high note of alpine mint before it gently slides into juniper and pine notes. Overall, it's a delicate and balanced gin. 

Try it in a gin and tonic garnished with red apple slices to pull out the apple notes!