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Shop Our Store Picks!

Embarcadero Cocktail Kit


A Northern Californian take on the Boulevardier, which ironically comes from Claire Sprouse of New York City's Hunky Dory. Lighter on it's feet than the traditional Boulevardier, this pairs Lo-Fi's uncolored and complex Sweet Vermouth with their lovely Gentian Amaro, a wine based aperitif with notes of hibiscus, ginger, and grapefruit. These are both grounded by a lightly herbal and spicy rye whiskey, courtesy of Sonoma County's Lost Republic. Like a fortifying twilight walk along it's namesake boulevard, this is both intoxicating and rejuvenating. 

Kit contains Lo-Fi Gentian

Amaro (750 ml), Lo-Fi Sweet Vermouth (750 ml), Lost Republic Rye Whiskey (750 ml), and a recipe card.