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Jin Jiji India Dry Gin

Three day’s drive from Delhi will find you in Goa, on India’s southwestern coast. Known for its white beaches, architectural jewels, and culinary heritage, Goa is home to Nao Spirits. Distilled in a copper pot, , with botanicals indigenous to the region, these spirits speak of the place with a refreshing voice, while a solid juniper backbone keeps this gin refreshingly dry.

Built around a heart of wild, foraged Juniper from the Himalayas, this “India Dry Jin” also features Juniper from Macedonia, the fragrant leaf Tulsi, Coriander Seed, Black Tea, Angelica Root, Orris Root, Chamomile, and Cashew Nut - the final ingredient lending a distinctly silky mouthfeel to a gin that is distinct but versatile enough for a wide variety of cocktails. 43% ABV