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Kuleana Hawaiian Agricole Rum

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Kuleana hand cuts each stalk of kō, presses it into fresh sugarcane juice, ferments it using a special yeast, and distills it to 74% ABV in a hand-made, copper alembic pot still. This slow, careful process makes delicious and flavorful rum that showcases the magnificence of the kō. Enjoy it neat or quietly, with a splash of simple syrup and squeeze of lime. No added sweeteners, flavors, or coloring. Invigorating, luscious, a sun-sweetened day on the Kohala coast.

Sugarcane, known as kō in Hawai‘i, originated approximately 10,000 years ago in Papua New Guinea. It was brought to the Hawaiian Islands about a thousand years ago by Polynesian wayfinders. These varietals of heirloom cane have a unique story and flavor profile that cannot be duplicated by processed sugars or molasses. Kuleana rums give homage to this piece of treasured Hawaiian history and ensure it lives on.