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Ocho Single Estate 2021 El Tigre Reposado Tequila

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One of the few tequilas still made slowly in the old fashioned way, Tequila Ocho is a spirit which accentuates that which is exclusive to tequila, the agave flavor. Ocho is the first tequila to designate both the year it was produced and the precise field from which the family grown agaves were sourced. Each batch comes from a different field or rancho contributing distinctive characteristics of that place.

The El Tigre rancho is located approximately 20 km southwest of Arandas in Atotonilco. The land slopes in a southwest direction. Its altitude ranges from 1,875 to 1,902 meters above sea level, and it has some colourful bougainvillea plants by the main road and some oak and cedar trees by the south side of the field. At the time of harvest, the agave plants were fully mature with an average weight of around 35 pounds and the sugar content was an outstanding 33%, extremely high compared to the average for the tequila industry.

El Tigre has a peppery warmth with lemon peel and lime pith, juicy cooked agave, vegetal wafts of mint and earthen herbs, and gently sweet notes of smoky honey.