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Scapegrace Classic Dry Gin

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New Zealand’s Scapegrace Gin is distilled in a 19th century John Dore whisky still just outside of the North Island’s biggest city. It features 12 botanicals and “water torn from New Zealand’s Southern Alps.” In 2018 it went to London and won best London Dry Gin at the International Spirits Awards.

Soft juniper immediately greets the nose. Subtle hints of spice and citrus lend roundness- nutmeg and lemon zest in particular. It’s clean, clear, and has a balanced classic-style gin nose. The palate has a soft initial entry but radiates with warmth towards the finish. While orange, lemon, and a mild pepperiness kick things off on the palate, juniper with pine and green facets holds court mid-palate. The combination of spices lends an earthy, complex warmth. None of the individual botanicals come through and dominate on their own. It’s a warm baking spice melange of coriander, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The finish is warm and slightly rooty, with juniper and mild spice hovering over a clean and dry finish.