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Double Gold People’s Choice World Whiskies Awards Winning Distillery 291

Distillery 291 is a true grain-to-barrel-to-bottle producer crafting distinctly Colorado-imbued whiskies in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. They’ve been distilling in Colorado Springs for six years now, and in that time they’ve managed to nail a whiskey that is kind of the holy grail of craft – as easy to enjoy as the stuff put out by the big boys, while pulling out flavors that are absolutely unique. Named People’s Choice at the Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival in 2014, 2015, and 2016 – it’s clear they’re on to something big.

To begin, everything 291 does is done from scratch, including milling hundreds of pounds of grain in house. The Bourbon is created from a mash bill of 80% corn, 19% malted rye, and 1% malted barley. Their Colorado Rye Mash Whiskey comes from 61% malted rye and 39% corn. With a nod to tradition, their mash is soured in open air fermenters. With a nod to innovation they have invented something they're calling the El Paso County Process, in which they add the stillage of IPA beer to their mash. Each whiskey is then pot-distilled three times. After aging in new, heavily-charred American white oak barrels, they are finished on locally harvested toasted aspen staves - perhaps infusing the bright cassia spice note that manages to simultaneously pop out of the glass and seamlessly weave itself into the whiskies other flavors. Finally they are cut slightly with Rocky Mountain water before each bottle is filled, corked, caged, and labeled by hand.

COLORADO RYE MASH WHISKEY: Unique, yet traditional, it has a flavor profile of cinnamon, rye bread, oak, and maple. Accolades include a 94 Point score from Whisky Bible and Best “No Age Stated” American Rye from Whisky Magazine.

COLORADO BOURBON WHISKEY - “The Honeycomb and Molasses play their part, as does the rye amid the soft grains....” – Whisky Bible. Double Gold Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
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