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Brucato Chaparral Amaro

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Brucato was founded by Sierra and James Clark. Sierra comes to the endeavor with a background in food and drink writing and academia — she holds a PhD in Food Studies, focusing her studies on spirits. They have built the recipes carefully, starting with 200 individual infusions of fruits, herbs, and spices, sourced from small farms or foraged where possible. They are deeply involved in all steps of the process, down to hand-peeling citrus and applying neck labels by hand. 

California chaparral covers the foothills and mountain slopes along the coast. Characterized by manzanita, sage brush, and scrub oak, the grey-green rugged hills explode with wildflowers in the spring.  

Brucato Chaparral’s dominant ingredients are yerba santa (a California native herb with a distinct bittersweet flavor, highly revered by apothecaries for its medicinal properties), spearmint, and cardamom. The result is a warm, bright herbal flavor, with a long-lasting mint and anise finish. Bottled at 46.4% abv.