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Del Professore Bitter Liqueur

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Named after “Professor” Jerry Thomas, an iconic 19th century bartender and cocktail pioneer, Del Professore Vermouth and Spirits are produced by a collaboration between Federico Ricatto, the historic producer Carlos Quaglia and the passionate Jerry Thomas Speakeasy in Rome.

To obtain its fine flavor, the Bitter Del Professore ingredients are treated with the greatest of care. Botanicals include a fresh bitter orange peel infusion, hand cleaned wild gentian, and the pink heart of sweet rhubarb from the Lanzo and Soana valleys. The exclusive recipe and great craftsmanship make for a unique spirit with a totally natural ruby red color and juniper, cinnamon and other spice aromas. The typical flavors of citrus, cascarilla, rhubarb and gentian come through on the palate. Use as the bitter liqueur portion in a Negroni, Americano, or any recipe that calls for Campari.