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D'Aristi Xtabentún Liqueur

4 reviews
Centuries back, native Mayans produced a drink from the nectar of the local Xtabentún flower. Today, the liqueur of the same name starts from a base of honey produced from that flower; the honey is fermented, then combined with Mexican rum and anisette. The result is incredibly compelling. Fans of anise flavors will immediately appreciate the liqueur - if you like French pastis, Turkish raki, or Greek ouzo, odds are you’ll love Xtabentún.

Rich with honey and weighty on the tongue, it's sweet on its own but beautiful in cocktails. The warm, funky honey-and-spice profile is a darling among the mixology set, who often mix it with Tequila and other spirits. Traditionally it is served straight, chilled, or with ice. It can also be served with coffee, or coffee and equal parts tequila. Mix with tequila and lime to make a "Maya margarita".