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Check out California’s newest craft Bourbon

Venus Wayward Bourbon


Venus Spirits is a micro-distillery for many tastes. Be it gin, aquavit, blue agave spirit, rye, or single malt whiskey, Venus has a best in class expression for you. But bourbon fanatics are finally getting their fill with the release of the Venus Wayward Bourbon.

Made from a 70% corn mashbill that includes wheat and malted barley (all organic by the way); it is double distilled in the Venus signature copper Alembic still. This Bourbon itself is the definition of what Bourbon is supposed to taste like with a bit of Venus craft flair; think orange, oak, caramel, vanilla, with the grain notes we love from the Single Malt and a hint of salt from aging in their Pacific Ocean air tempered rickhouse.

Find it now on our shop shelves or online in the Liquor Shop: Venus Spirits Wayward Bourbon
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