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Mosswood Batch #4: Not to be Missed Newest Tasty Limited Edition Local Whiskey

Mosswood Whiskey

We've spent 4 years trying thousands of spirits as we've curated our shop's collection of delicious spirits.  In that time, we've fallen in love more than a few times.

Sometimes the relationship is situational, great for good time party but maybe not our Sunday night sweatpants Netflix and chill date. Then sometimes we find producers who we think of as the always there for you best friend: safe yet fun to introduce to Mom and Dad, but also a great companion for a night out or in.  The perfect partner that's been hiding in plain sight (we've watched a lot of rom-coms lately, clearly).

Mosswood's whiskeys are just that.  They select juice from other distilleries, then uniquely age (Four Barrel Espresso, Rare Barrel Sour Ale, Germain-Robin Apple Brandy) and blend it to create new flavor profiles. Their core releases offer a seven year-old Light Whiskey, with a mashbill high in corn, aged in used bourbon barrels. The Additional Cask Enhanced (ACE'd) spirits lend subtle nuances with every sip. Every whiskey is brought to proof and bottled by hand.  

A few times a year that best friend gets all dressed up and suddenly you see them through new eyes.  Mosswood's newest limited release ($45.50) is a very small batch run of an experimental Scotch project.  

They take a typical barrel aging process done by Scotch makers and reverse it. Instead of a Scotch aged in an ex-Bourbon barrels, here you will find a 9 year old American whiskey, aged in an ex-Scotch barrel for 6 months. 

What's it smell like? Cocoa, salt water taffy, green apple, honey, basil, lemon, strawberry, and chamomile! We imagine just like Colin Firth or Kerry Washington. 

What's it taste like? Butterscotch, lemon cake, brine, vanilla ice cream, delicate smoke, and barley tea!

Buy the limited edition ($45.50) now, or collect the whole line up ($39.59-$45.50)!


Join us this Thursday (4:30-6:30) for a free tasting and meet the distillers. Try their whiskeys that happen to be a labor of love, literally.  The husband and wife team's great whiskey will have you falling in love with their great value, local, fantastic sipper or cocktail base.

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