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Baardseth XO Single Cru Cognac


Baardseth's XO Single Cru bottling is obtained through the distillation of wines coming from the unique and underrepresented Petite Champagne cru of the Cognac region. Located in the area surrounding the Grande Champagne in the center of the region, Petite Champagne consists primarily of a clay stone soil, which is terrible for most agriculture but fantastic for the production of wine - particularly wine that lends itself to making brandy. 

The XO bottling in particular is blend of 10-20 year old brandies, aged in lightly toasted limousin oak barrels in a humid, temperature controlled cellar before being bottled 43.2% abv. On the nose, there is a fantastic balance of minerality and dried fruit, with prunes, crystallized citrus, classic old Cognac rancio, tobacco, and a brooding hint of dankness. The palate follows with more bright fruits, minerality, oxidized notes, light cigar box, and warm baking spices, which linger on the finish.