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Hanky Panky Cocktail Kit

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Basically a bittered, Sweet Martini (or a bittered, Gin-y Manhattan?!), this classic was first served at London’s storied Savoy Hotel in the early 20th century by head bartender Ada Coleman. As she relates it, a particularly saucy regular patron, actor Sir Charles Hawtrey, requested one evening a drink with “a bit of a punch”. Some gin, sweet vermouth, and just a wee bit of bitter Fernet Branca came together to make something the actor called “the real hanky panky”. The name stuck, and to this day, the drink has as well.

Our kit includes:

+ Citadelle Gin (750 ml)
+ Martini and Rossi Rubino Reserva Vermouth (750 ml)
+ Fernet Branca (750 ml)
+ Recipe card.