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The Not Aperol Spritz Set

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Don't let anybody tell you you're basic just because you love a Spritz now and again. But if you've only been making them with Aperol, your haters may have a point. Redeem your street cred and mix up some dynamite spritzes while you're at it with this alternative spritz collection to refresh and dazzle. Host a brunch with all three on the menu for a get-together that's as classy as it is boozy.

This set includes three fantastically unique new spritz options:

Contratto Aperitif Liqueur is an easy comparison to Aperol in its bright citrus qualities and fairly low level of bitterness, but has a much more pronounced herbal side, making a slightly more complex, but just as refreshing spritz. It's also naturally colored with beetroot and carrot, so you don't have to feel as much like you're drinking a soda pop. (1 L)

Select Aperitivo Liqueur is the classic, traditional spritz choice in Venice, the home of the spritz. It brings to the fore notes of vanilla, cardamom, and ginger, making a very different drink than the classic Aperol, with a twinge more bitterness, but no less easy to enjoy. (750 ml)

Cap Corse Mattei Blanc Quinquina is a Corsican aperitif that is  flavored with various botanicals, including macerations of cinchona bark and local citron fruit, which lends a bright acidity. The sweetness comes from natural grape sugars, and lovely light flavors of honeysuckle and elderflower abound. For those who are willing to forego the bright orange color of their spritz for something a little less gaudy. (750 ml)