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PM Spirits Overproof VS Bas Armagnac

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PM Spirits has teamed up with acclaimed producer Claire de Montesquiou of Domaine d'Espérance to craft an exclusive line of small-batch Armagnacs. Working together, the duo created a custom blend for an overproof VS offering at 52% ABV. As with every PM Spirits custom bottling, the label provides full transparency to the contents and creation of this one-of-a-kind bottle. Bottled at cask strength with no additives and no filtration.

The Domaine dedicates about 8 hectares of vines to making Armagnac - growing Baco 22 A and Folle Blanche. The estate uses two small stills; one that is over 100 years old, the second belongs to a traveling-distiller. Distillation is slow - about 4 casks of 420 liters every 24 hours. The estate distills for one week per year. When the Armagnac needs to be proofed down, distilled water is added little by little, at least 6 months before bottling. The family uses local Gascon Oak casks, toasted to a medium level and produced about 15km from the estate, by one of the last independent coopers in the area. The estate uses two cellars - one dating back to the 17th century and a second built in 2003, which hold about 240 casks.