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Shop Our Store Picks!

Fiddler's Green Kit

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This marriage of a whiskey sour and a bramble is a perfect companion for an afternoon tipple after a jaunt of whimsy in the forest. The notes of fig, cocoa, and bitter woodsiness that Brucato's Woodlands Amaro bring to the table are a perfect match for the rich, buttery, caramel laden Yellowstone Bourbon, which together form the base. Fresh lemon and lush, juicy marionberry liqueur from Oregon tie it together with panache. A couple sips of this cheeky concoction and you're just one strum of the autoharp away from full wood nymph status. Includes one 750 ml bottle of Brucato Woodlands Amaro, one 750 ml bottle of Yellowstone Select Bourbon, one 375 ml bottle of Clear Creek Marionberry Liqueur, and a recipe card.