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Negroni Tropicale

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It is happening. The next great branch of the Negroni Family Tree is blossoming as we speak, and all signs point to tropical. Negroni variations around the world are popping up with passion fruit, hibiscus, pineapple, mango - anything that grows where the hot sun shines. Call it two years of delayed vacations in liquid form, call it an escapist meet cute, call it hot girl summer for the bitter crowd - it is here and it was probably inevitable. The affable yet mysterious liminal space between a sunny deserted beach and a sunny baroque piazza is where we are dwelling, and the uniting factor is the ever descending sun. Our reality is rich but troubled, and we require something more than a Mai Tai this summer. We need a Negroni to confront the encroaching twilight, but pretty please dress it in resort wear to ease the transition.

When building a tropical Negroni, it’s certainly tempting to automatically turn to rum as a base, and we can say ourselves that we have enjoyed a good rum negroni on many occasions. But the spirit that got us thinking of tropicalizing our Negrone-zone in the first place is Bimini’s Coconut Gin. The gin is infused with fair trade certified extra virgin coconut oil using the fat washing method to infuse it with pure and natural coconut flavor. Playing the essential part of tropical bitter is Heirloom’s Pineapple Amaro, which effortlessly walks the tightrope between sweet and bitter - fruity and rooty. And last but never least is the vermouth. T.W. Hollister’s Oso De Oro Red Vermouth is neither sweet nor dry, and the robust profile keeps the drink balanced without feeling thin, with a tropical-botanical tightrope pulled tight enough to dance on.

Our kit includes:  Oso de Oro Red Vermouth (750 ml), Bimini Coconut Gin (750 ml), Heirloom Pineapple Amaro Liqueur (750 ml), and a recipe card